The coast of the Algarve is perfect for beautiful beach walks and various water sports. If you would like to do something else active, there are gyms everywhere in both Albufeira and Carvoeiro and there is a friendly and active tennis club in Carvoeiro with open tennis mornings and afternoons and the possibility of padel. Finally, the Algarve also has a wide range of beautiful golf courses.

Beach walks

Sun, sea and beach; that is what the Algarve is known for. But did you know that you can go hiking all year round? This region in the south of Portugal has endless hours of sunshine to offer. Along the coast of the Algarve, you walk along steep cliffs, wide beaches and deserted bays. This landscape is rough, just like the sea. In the west, the high waves of the Atlantic Ocean pound against the land.


The Algarve has repeatedly been voted the best golf destination in the world by specialised magazines and international tour operators. The region lives up to this accolade by maintaining a consistently high standard. The golf courses are spread throughout the region. By the sea or inland, flat or hilly, the choice is varied. On each course, you can make several birdies and eagles or perhaps even a hole-in-one. Between Lagos, Sagres and the Serra de Monchique mountain range, there are courses of varying difficulty. The greens and fairways here are surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. In this area, near Portimão, is the first golf course in the Algarve, the Penina Hotel & Golf Resort, which has been declared one of the best in Europe on several occasions.


Padel is one of the fastest growing sports today. It is a mix of elements from tennis, badminton and squash. It is highly addictive and it is relatively easy to reach a level where you can play social mixes and just have fun. Padel is played on courts with glass walls, a third of the size of a tennis court, and always in doubles format, which makes it very sociable. It is one of the fun things to do in the Algarve during your stay. In Carvoeiro there is a friendly and active tennis and padel club with open tennis mornings and afternoons and the possibility of padel.


Portugal is increasingly recognised as a perfect surfing destination. The Algarve, with its enormous coastline and beaches with different orientations, is a surfer’s paradise. There are various possibilities for both beginners and more experienced surfers. Experience a day full of fun in the waves!


Good snorkelling spots can be found along the entire south-west coast. Especially the sites with partly rocky bottom are species-rich. You will see different species of fish (bream, grouper, mackerel, perch etc.), anemones, starfish, lobsters, crabs, moray eels, octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranchs and even turtles. The water is generally very clear and clean. To get to the beach or bay, you will sometimes have to make a considerable descent. Sometimes there are stairs, but on the more remote bays there is often no more than a natural path between the rocks. Once on the beach, it is often easy to walk into the water. Usually you can just walk over the sand and then continue your way along the rocky coast. Below is an overview of the best snorkelling spots in the Algarve:

Albufeira                                                                Carvoeiro
Praia da Balbina (Nabij Galé)              Praia do Paraíso
Praia da Maré das Porcas                     Praia do Vale Covo
Praia de São Rafael                                 Praia do Carvalho